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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friday Night

Jessica came over Friday night.  She's my second oldest friend in the world.  And she brought with her a little Present, a snapshot we took when we were 15 or 16.  

We went to 21st Avenue Bar and Grill (721 NW 21st Avenue) for a tipple and some grub.  The tater tots were delightful (I'm yet to have a bad tot I believe) and the drinks were a-okay.  It is kind of a dive bar, some of the floors are buckled, watch your step, but other than that it is just a non-descript bar bar.  It has an outdoor patio and lots of seating.  Our waitress was a sweetheart and her t-shirt was covered in lightning.

Robert and I spent the morning in bed. Delight.

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